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Infant Philosophy

During my time at TMU I have had the opportunity to learn about subjects that I have been interested in, however was not my area of study. Philosophy was one of those courses and to my surprise this is where I discovered Alison Gopnick.

Alison Gopnik was one of the first to study "theory of mind" when she studied how infants come to understand their own minds! She has written some wonderful books about consciousness and infant development!

Click the link below for her website

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This term I am studying various methods of therapy we can use when working with young children and I chose to focus on bibliotherapy for my research paper.

Books are a fantastic way to broach uncomfortable topics as it shifts focus from the individual and allows for indirect conversations while also illustrating that your problems are common and that no one is alone in their struggles

I have included my research paper on the topic if you wish to have a look!

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Brighter Futures

My favorite experience this term was my field placement where I got to arrange guest speakers, engage in meaningful conversations and most importantly help support the wonderful team that runs these free non profit programs every day.

If you are looking for support in pregnancy or after birth please follow the link below and get in contact with a program in your area of Newfoundland.

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