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Field Placement 464

This Field Placement at Brighter Futures allowed me to experience curriculum from a different viewpoint.

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Foot Prints & Hand Prints

So often in childcare we focus on the development of the child (as we should), however the programs I was attending were intended to encourage the parent - child bond rather than the infant gaining "skills" per say.
This lead me to seeing these hand and foot print "crafts" in a new light. These were hung on refrigerators and were referenced often, these simple crafts not only provided a moment of bonding between parent and child, but then also were used as a form of engagement later on, not only furthering that parent child bond but also leading to cognitive development of memory, language and body awareness by talking about hands and feet.
These crafts may seem product based and cute, however upon reflection I can see that they are a wonderful tool for encouraging the parent-child bond!

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Cause & Effect
Fine Motor Movements

This activity is great for fine motor development and is a wonderful opportunity to experience cause and effect!
You can use anything to make prints when painting like cars, Lego, Duplo, animal toys, etc...
Have fun exploring the different effects you get when using a variety of printing materials!

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Color Theory
Probelm Solving Skills

Incorporating nature into activities has many benefits including fostering love and respect for the natural world we live in. 
This activity allows children to explore natural materials in a new way while also developing problem solving skills and color concepts!

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Play-dough Recipe

Fine Motor Development

Science Concepts

To support parent child connections for the families that attend playgroups at my site we decided to give Halloween play-dough along with a wonderful recipe you can find a link to below!

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Photo Booth

Social Bonding

Cuteness overload

While at Brighter Futures I was lucky enough to get to spend Halloween with them and see all of the children and some parents in their costumes!

In an effort to foster that feeling of community and belonging we set up a photo booth where moms could take photos of not only their children but their children with the friends they had made over the past few weeks!

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